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Art-as-therapy working group

What does it contain?


Each week a new task will be introduced and there will be sharing of personal experiences and questions from last weeks task.    


The themes for the coming four weeks:

  • Joy/strength/gratitude - our natural resourses.

  • My safe space - a good place to know and to come back to. 

  • What causes contraction and what makes me expand? 

  • The feeling of gratitude. 

  • The work takes place in a respectful and open atmosphere based on trust and in consideration of personal borders. 






Are you attracted to colors, to painting and drawing, this working group can offer you an organized acces to the advantages of therapeutic art work.

A new task every week, explained and discussed, will give you the spark and the inspiration to go ahead with a new picture.

You do the task when you have the space and time. Count about an hour for working and reflection time altogether and of course more if you feel like.

Most of us have smaller or bigger problems and issues in life. Things about ourselves we don't understand or things we understand but cannot change even they bother us. 

Difficulties in relations, stress, pressure, anxiety etc.

We don't breakdown from them, they are not so serious that we go to the psychologist with them, but they still steal our energy and cast shadows into life.  

This work group is for you who wants to deal with these elements in your life.

Therapeutic artwork is attractive and fascinating because we create something new, we are expressing ourselves, we are intuitive, we sense. 

And doing so we get tremendous support from our own psyche with its self-healing capacities. 

How does it work?


The price is 40 Eur. for four times/4 weeks (minimum)


When: Every Tuesday at - 7pm (Eastern European summertime) 

Click the sign in button and send us your name and email address. You will receive an email with our bank account number and practical details about materials. When your payment is registered you will receive a receipt that you are in.  

An hour before the meeting, you will receive a mail with the link to the online meeting. (ZOOM)

Be sure your pc camera and audio is turned on when the meeting starts. 

Ole Lindqvist


Born 1954, lives in Kuldiga, Latvia and Aarhus, Denmark.


Visual artist (painting and sculpture) and teacher of arts. 

Ole has since 1988 taught in Denmark, Germany and other countries in the field of visual arts, creativity and personal development. Teacher at Aarhus Art Academy since 1990-2012.  

Co-founder of M22 art and creativity space in Kuldiga and Riga, Latvia.

He has attended classes over the years in the fields of systemic pedagogy (DISPUK) art coaching (Expressive Arts), transpersonal art therapy (ITP, Bern) and self-development Center of Growth, Denmark. 

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