Tuesday evenings!




English spoken art course



Do you want to enjoy and develop your creative and expressive skills?

We work both with your expressive possibilities and with the understanding of color and visual language. 


A desire to express or to work with color etc. is a signal that it's time to start working with art. Talent and skills are not really important for the personal outcome and its a shame to drop painting just because you believe that you have no talent. What you need is the desire to do it.

The course specifically aims at you who is studying or doing business in Riga or for other reasons lives in Latvia for longer or shorter time. 

The two questions "what to paint" and "how to paint" is in the essence what painting is about. For the beginner as well as for the experienced these questions are urgent. We aim at these questions in various ways: By providing interesting, exciting and thoughtful tasks  we challenge our participants creatively, technically, expressively and sensually. And we believe that the proces should make fun as well. 

By a surprising task the painter will often comes up with a surprising answer. The learning about color, composition, brushwork, form etc. follows naturally during the teachings. 


13. and 27 of February

13. and 27. of March

10. and 24. of April

8. and 22. of May

Fee: 168 € 

The teacher: Ole Lindqvist, is a danish artist living in Latvia and with a long experience both as an art trainer and as an artist. He worked many years in the Art Academy of Aarhus in Denmark but is now based in Kuldiga where he together with his wife has started  "M22 Art and Creativity space"

Our participants comes for many reasons as the answers show:

"I totally forget time when I work"


"In my work I have to be formal  and correct - I the picture I can be all the rest"


"..when I paint I am strangely without age"


"Every time we come, we get a new interesting task. I appreciate this a lot - it takes me out of my comfort zone and ads a new perspective..



Mālu iela 22, Kuldīga / Gaujas iela 5, Riga . e-pasts: m22artspace@gmail.com / Tālrunis: 293 20 495