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Themes of the "Nakamais solis" course.

September 2020

1.  Where am I? We make a status. 

Through several tasks we make a scanning of our present life. 

2.  A self portrait. How do I look at myself? How would I like to look at myself? 

Through collage, painting and sculpture we take a different look at ourselves.

3.  Emotions part 1. My shadow, and how to contact it.

The 3-2-1 method. 

The so-called shadow is our invisible part. How to get a relation to it is top priority. 

4.  Emotions part 2: Repeating emotions, My life theme.

All lives are connected to certain specific themes. They bother us and they help at the same time. We take a close look at it.


5.  To say goodbye and to say hello.

An investigation of what has to go and what it should make space for. 

6.  The parlament of figures. Expanding the self understanding.

We all contain many different personalities and there should be space for all. 

7.  Thankfulness and the spiritual life.

Gratitude is one of the qualities in us that is bigger than ourselves. It is part of our bigger life.

8.   What am I? In time, space and in eternity. 

We look at the so called archetypical level of life. 


The full circle of the course aims at touching upon all important aspects of our life. From the intimate life of the emotions to the transcendent aspects of our existence. 


The creative expressive work is the pervasive element of the course. 

Developing the creative skills is seen as an overall important aim of this course. It allows each participant a more flexible and a more free attitude to the challenges of life. 

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