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Krāsu mācība un gleznošana



Painting course in english  - Wednesdays 10.15 - 13.00


Do you want to train your english in a relaxed way?
And are you looking for a possibility to paint without having to be an artist?

Perhaps you have sometimes like many others felt that there is more creativity in you than You usually can show. 

Here is a course that helps you to handle your creative sources. Our experience shows us that many people have unknown, hidden and very unique creative resources. 
We have many years of experience in teaching painting and color teaching in a way that develops these skills and still gives you the joy of expression. 

Developing a creative attitude affects all parts of your life. 


Our participants comes for many reasons:

"I totally forget time when I work"
"In my work I have to be formal  and correct - I the picture I can be all the rest"
"..when I paint I am strangely without age"
"Every time we come, we get a new interesting task. I appreciate this a lot - it takes me out of my comfort zone and ads a new perspective..

The Teacher:

Ole Lindqvist, is a danish artist living in Latvia and with a long experience both as an art trainer and as an artist. He worked many years in the Art Academy of Aarhus in Denmark but is now based in Kuldiga where he together with his wife has started  "M22 Art and Creativity space"​

Kursu datumi:

14., 28. februāris

14., 28. marts

11., 25. aprīlis

09., 23. majis

Visi materiāli ir iekļauti cenā



Cena par visu ciklu ( 8 nodarbības) – 168 EUR

– maksājot vienā reizē. Dalot maksājumu divās reizēs cikla cena – 210 EUR

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